Brocock Grand Prix Super Six PCP Air Pistol .22

Brocock Grand Prix Super Six PCP Air Pistol .22Brocock Grand Prix Super Six PCP Air Pistol .22
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Brocock Grand Prix Air Pistol with Adjustable Sights, Six Shot Repeater, .22

This is the latest offering from the innovative British airgun manufacturer ~ Brocock.  Based upon the popular Grand Prix chassis, the new Super Six is a bolt action repeater with 6 pellet rotary magazine.  Perfect for small game hunting or target shooting, the Super Six is a 90.00 cost upgrade from the Grand Prix single shot.  To load the magazine, simply pull the bolt to the fully retracted position and slide the mag to the side and out.  The machined rotary magazine uses an o'ring around it's circumference to retain the pellet in position prior to loading into the breech, similar to a compression band and each pellet is retained in place by the gentle squeeze of the rubber o'ring at about the middle of the pellet body.  When loading the pellet, the head of the pellet is wiggled through the opening until securely held in place by the rubber ring.  It is a system that negates the need for tight tolerances between a given pellet diameter and magazine, so many different skirt sizes can be used.  Once all pellets are loaded, start the mag back into the pistol by inserting the mag detent into the small port that has been machined into the back side of the mag retention slot.  With increased side pressure, the rotary pops right into place.  Now with each activation of the bolt, the mag indexes automatically to the next loaded position.  Most pellet types should work fine in this type of system, however we did find it a little more difficult to load wadcutter or flat head pellets as the compression ring had a tendency to want to hang up on the face of the flat pellet instead of sliding along the side into position.  Domed pellets are the easiest to use due to their gently tapered front.  Pointed pellets were not tested and should be okay provided that care is taken to ensure that the nose cone doesn't extend beyond the front of the magazine which can cause indexing problems.  Umarex do not recommend any pellets other than round or flat for use in their rotary magazines for this reason. 
The Grand Prix Super Six is also capable of a huge 75 shots from a single fill and the custom velocity setting  of 480 fps for .22 caliber is the same as the single shot.  Fill pressure is also 200 BAR or 2900 psi and charging from a hand pump is very quick due to the pistol sized air cylinder.  The fill pressure is set by the integral gauge on the pump as the pistol doesn't include such a device.  Directly under the muzzle end of the barrel, you will find the threaded dust cover which once removed will expose the fill port complete with a  foster quick disconnect fitting. Brocock also include the other half of the filling package ~ a female quick disconnect fitting which is threaded on the opposite end in 1/8 BSP, perfect for using  Hill or Axsor hand pumps or a charging clamp with the right hose.   The Grand Prix sports a comfortable ambidextrous grip in beech, which has been tastefully checkered on either side in the location of the palm swell.  The trigger guard is basically a continuation of the fore end and rear grip section of the woodwork  providing additional strength to the " stock " and gives the gun a more appealing look.  For sighting purposes, the front and rear iron sights are perfectly adequate but if a more precise aiming system is required, the rear sight can be slid off the dovetail and a scope or red dot sight can be added via 2 piece 11mm mounts.  The trigger is light, with only slight second stage hesitation and our test pistol broke cleanly right around 1 pound 2 ounces every time.  For those who would like to, the trigger can be set for a shorter or longer first stage travel or even a different weight.  Brocock do suggest that adjustments be made in small  increments and that all pistol owners test the performance of the mechanism between changes.  Also, we find a new gun may require trigger break-in as well, so adjusting may best be left until after considerable shots have been fired and the final trigger characteristics have been determined.  The cocking mechanism is bolt action which serves as the sear engagement and pellet loading mechanism.    The Grand Prix is a fairly large pistol in terms of size, it measures a little over 15 " in length and weighs 2 lbs and 13 ounces.  The GP's  excellent accuracy can be mostly attributed to the 11" German barrel which is standard.  We will be making some pellet suggestions of our own when all the results become available but in the meantime, Brocock recommend JSB pellets for the best performance. 

The Grand Prix represents a remarkable new era in air pistol design as it uses the air you breathe for it's propellant.  There are no operating costs and the number of shots per fill is very high. 

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