Daystate Huntsman Classic .177 - LAST ONE !

Daystate Huntsman Classic .177 - LAST ONE !Daystate Huntsman Classic .177 - LAST ONE !
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Daystate Huntsman Classic Karbine .177 RH Walnut  save $200.00 reg. $1399.00 now $1199.00

Huntsman Classic

The Huntsman is traditionally styled with a sleek, lightweight design, yet with all the features you would expect from a modern Daystate.  The rifle weighs in at a mere 6.60 lbs and is only 34.5`` in length.  Don`t be fooled by the lower price, this rifle contains many of the same great features found in the  Air Wolf and Air Ranger models.  Accuracy is guaranteed by means of the superb 15.75" Lothar Walther barrel and independent tests prove this rifle can shoot extremely tight clusters of pellets, in fact Air Gunner magazine found the Huntsman capable of 18mm ( 3/4" )ctc grouping at 40 meters with JSB Exact pellets. 

Before a rifle leaves the factory, Daystate tests each and every Huntsman and minimum requirements for accuracy must be met.  Those requirements are 11mm center to center grouping with quality pellets, at a full 25 meters.   Daystate are committed to giving their customers the very best in the industry.   

The trigger is also nothing short of fantastic with a fully adjustable 2 stage action that is both crisp and light.  The factory setting showed a very light average weight of 1lb 1oz on our sample tested.  The charging cylinder is a non-removable integral design with a pressure gauge located in the bottom of the fore-end.  Filling is via a quick disconnect fitting (  1/8 bsp male threads ) that attaches to a fill nipple hidden under the snap fit dust cap located at the front of the air tank.   The woodwork includes a tasteful, hand rubbed oil finish in select grade walnut with rollover cheekpiece and the pistol grip bears the "M" insignia of Minelli of Italy.  The stock is oriented for a right hand shooter with a comfortable palm swell and slim wrist which has been sculpted to remove any extra weight.  An integral 11mm dovetail is provided for scope mounting, and the magazine design only allows for 2 piece mounts to be used due to it's location in the midst of the rail.  The Huntsman magazine is a low profile 10 shot unit which can only be installed one way due to the bevel machined into the lower edge of the magazine base that allows clearance for the front of the cocking bolt. The magazine can also be loaded with any number of  pellets from one to ten if a quick shot is desired as removal of the magazine prior to loading leaves the rifle cocked and a pellet can be put in the bottom position of the magazine and immediately inserted into the breech.  The bolt action cycle indexes the magazine on the rear cocking stroke and inserts the pellet when returned to the fully forward position.  The safety is also well thought out and is re-settable if a shot opportunity is lost and you want to return to the safe position.  Daystate have located the safety on the left hand side and rear of the receiver directly opposite the bolt handle.  The safety movement is completely silent and has a very solid feel over the range of movement.

The Daystate Huntsman is a tiny gun when compared to many of the heavy PCP versions available on the market today.  It's light weight and compact design, coupled with it's excellent accuracy put it in a class of it's own.  Even when fully loaded with a scope and mount, the huntsman weighs right around 8 lbs which is a comfortable, carry all day rifle with Daystate quality and reliability.

 Performance - You can expect 35 full power shots and 18 ft lbs of energy from this rifle in .177Cal.

SSSO is pleased to offer this fine rifle for the first time in Canada.

 Scope not included.

  Huntsman Classic Karbine          
Overall Length:   877mm (34.5 ins)          
Barrel Length:   400 mm (15.75 ins)          
Cylinder Capacity   114 cc          
Weight (unscoped):   2.99 kg (6.6 lbs)          
Available Caliber:    0.177 (4.5 mm)          
Cocking:   Bolt action (with mechanical slingshot hammer system)          
Magazine:   10-Shot rotary, removable (from left or right)          
Fill Pressure:   Up to 230 BAR (3,335 psi)          
Power / Shots Per Charge: .177   35 Shots @ 18 ft/lbs          
Trigger:   Two-stage mechanical release. Adjustable for weight and length of stage          
Safety:   Manual, rotary trigger block lever          
Stock:   Walnut Sporter          
Karbine, Un-Shrouded, RH





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