DIANA/RWS Model 34 .22Cal Break Barrel Air Rifle T-06 Trigger

DIANA/RWS Model 34 .22Cal Break Barrel Air Rifle T-06 TriggerDIANA/RWS Model 34 .22Cal Break Barrel Air Rifle T-06 Trigger
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Model 34 .22Cal -  New T06 Trigger


The popular model 34 got a re-work in the trigger department lately with the new *T06 match trigger with metal blade.  The T06 is a vast improvement over the original model with a plastic blade.  Now there is the possibility to adjust for first stage travel/pull-off and first stage weight and trigger weight.  Also new are fiber optic front and rear sights. The model 34 is unbeatable value for the price.  Accuracy, power and lightweight combined into an affordable rifle. Using a time proven spring piston powerplant housed in a breakbarrel design,  the Model 34 in .22 caliber is capable of 800fps. Though designed as a workhorse airgun devoid of extra trimmings, this rifle is still graced with polished blued metalwork, a full sized hardwood stock, integrated 11mm scope rail with recoil pin port, an automatic safety, and a finely rifled barrel. For those shooters looking for a magnum airgun on a moderate budget, look no further than the RWS Model 34. Lifetime warranty. Made in Germany.

 * Inside scoop- the TO6 trigger is a vast improvement over the original trigger installed on this rifle, the TO6 is crisp and light.  Our pre-delivery tests show an average trigger weight of just over one pound on this excellent match quality unit from RWS.



Our gunsmith has this to say about the 34 .......

the RWS/Diana model 34 is probably the best dollar for dollar high power air rifle available on the market today.  Countless copies have gone through our warehouse without a single factory defect in finish and build quality.  Dianawerk have always built a great gun and I am constantly recommending the 34 to new shooters looking for an inexpensive first rifle or an excellent second.  The difference between the 34 and the array of cheap chinese rifles out there is very noticeable.  The price of the 34 is only slightly more and the accuracy, phenomenal trigger and quality finish of metal and woodwork put it in a class by itself for such a small investment. 

I also suggest H&N pellets for the best in accuracy with the Field Target Trophy and Field Target models providing some of the best performance.  Group sizes of 1/2 " CTC at 25 yards can be expected with a clean barrel and proper artillery hold.  The key is not resting the barrel or stock on any rigid surface and using a light grip on the stock so that the rifle can move normally as the mainspring bounces around.  Rest the fore end on the palm of your hand for the best consistency.  For scope use, it is mandatory that a droop compensation mount is used as the model 34 is factory designed with a certain amount of barrel droop which moves the receiver and barrel onto different planes of alignment.  It is common to experience difficulty trying to zero the rifle for elevation when using the standard scope mount as the scope will run out of adjustment before a satisfactory setting is achieved.  The RWS lock mount,  Sportsmatch  OP15C, HOP19C and the new Hawke 6168 and 6170 are all made to alleviate the difficulties encountered with barrel droop.





*Included in the sale of this rifle will be a personalized chronograph report detailing the velocity obtained with a specific pellet as well as our 5 point visual/mechanical inspection which includes stock, metalwork, safety, sights and trigger ( which is tested for average weight ). All at no additional charge.       Why buy anywhere else?


TYPE Spring Piston Powerplant in a Breakbarrel rifle
CALIBER .22 (5.5mm) Pellet
LENGTH 45" (1125mm)
BARREL LENGTH 19" (475mm)
STOCK Hardwood Stock
BARREL Finely Rifled Barrel
SIGHTS Hooded Fiber Optic Front , Fully Adjustable Rear
SAFETY Automatic safety
FITTINGS 11mm scope rail
FINISH Deep blued
MAX VELOCITY .22--800 fps

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