Daystate Wolverine 303 - ONLY 2 LEFT !

Daystate Wolverine 303 - ONLY 2 LEFT !Daystate Wolverine 303 - ONLY 2 LEFT !
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Daystate Wolverine .303 Caliber - 100 ft lb (Shown with optional Optisan Viper Scope ~ Does not come standard wth rifle)

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The new Wolverine 303 - Daystate develop the big bore sporting rifle in response to great demand from airgun hunters world wide.

In addition to packing a 303 caliber punch the multishot wolverine is also unique in featuring gun handling and safety’s that will be more familiar to firearm shooters such as a bolt open safety a resettable safety catch plus a pressure system that prevents the rifle chambering more than one bullet at a time.

The Wolverine will continue the Daystate heritage, that is, to be the most advanced, most powerful precharged airguns ever built.

The new Wolverine is the end -product of a team of British and Italian designers and engineers who have combined 30 years of airgun and 60 years of shotgun technologies to create a new generation of Airguns that will ensure Daystate’s position as Manufacturer of the finest Airguns in the world.

The Wolverine project incorporates all that Daystate have learned in over 30 years of pioneering precharged airgun design and manufacture.



Excerpts from the owner's manual


( Filling your rifle with compressed air )

Note: Do not use any other gas than clean, dry compressed AIR.

1. Remove the dust cap from the rifle's charging connector and attach the female snap-on charging connector onto the inlet valve.  Ensure that the outer sleeve is fully forward and that the connection is secure.

2. Check that the bleed screw on the charging unit is closed and slowly open the feed valve on the air bottle.  Compressed air will now fill the reservoir.

3. Fill to  amaximum of 250 BAR  ( 3700 psi ).  The exact safe working pressure ( SWP ) is printed on a small disc at the right-rear of the breechblock.

4. Close the feed valve.

5. Sharply open the bleed valve on the charging unit and bleed off the air from the filler hose.

6. Remove the snap-on connector and replace the dust cap.


( Loading your rifle single shot )

Remember to keep the muzzle of the air rifle pointing in a safe direction at all times.

1. Apply the safety catch.

2. Lift the cocking handle at the rear of the breech block and pull all the way back until fully cocked*

3. Check that the pellet is not damaged and push the pellet directly into the barrel.

4. Push the cocking handle forward and make sure that the handle is down.

* With the breech bolt open the trigger is disengaged and the rifle will not fire and cannot be de-cocked.


( The air rifle is now loaded )

1. Disengage the safety catch and the rifle will now fire.

NOTE: The rifle can be dry fired ( with air and no pellet in the breech ) without any mechanical damage occurring as long as there is over 100 BAR of air in the cylinder of the gun.


( Loading the Daystate multi shot magazine )

1. Apply the safety catch.

2. Lift the cocking handle at the rear of the breech block and pull all the way back until fully cocked. Remove the magazine from the left side.  A dedicated left hand magazine can be ordered with the location magnet on the right side.

3. The magazine can now be loaded.  Load one pellet into the LARGE bottom hole ensuring that the pellet head passes the seated o'ring. Rotate anti-clockwise to load subsequent pellets one click at a time.

4. Replace the magazine back into the breech block and return the bolt forward to the closed and locked position.


( The air rifle is now loaded )

1. Disengage the safety catch and the rifle will now fire.

2. To fire the next shot rotate the breech bolt by 45 degrees upwards and pull fully back.  Return the bolt forward to the locked position to chamber a new pellet into the barrel.

3. When the last shot is chambered a red dot is displayed on the left side of the magazine.  It is possible to remove and " top up " the magazine should shooting time allow.


( Switching bolt positions )

The Wolverine 303 and Wolverine HP are fitted with an ambidextrous stock and can be further converted to left or right handed bolt action.


( Trigger adjustment )

Two stage trigger 1.5mm allen key size

1st adjustment: Adjusts the second stage weight setting. Remove the locking screw.  To increase the weight, turn the screw anti-clockwise, and clockwise to lighten the weight.  IMPORTANT.  Do not adjust this screw too far clockwise as the gun will not cock.

2nd Adjustment: Enables you to set the angle that the trigger blade sits in the trigger block ( factory setting is approximately 90 degrees ).  If this is adjusted then the 3rd adjustment will have to be altered.

3rd Adjustment : This screw will adjust the first stage travel.  Turning it anti-clockwise will increse the travel and clockwise will decrease the travel.


( Fitting a Rifle Scope )

Attaching the mounts

Daystate recommend the use of blueprint scope mounts ( Sportsmatch 2 piece ).  Loosely fix one mount to the dovetails on the front section of the breech block and the other on the rear.  Place the scope with the scope's saddle to the rear of the magazine.


Aligning the crosshair

You will need either a gun vice or  " workmate " .   To align the sight, the rifle will need to be held firm and level.

1.  Place the gun vice or workmate on a firm and level surface.

2. Clamp the rifle, making sure that you do not damage the stock.

3. Place one spirit level across the flat part of the breech block and adjust the rifle until it is level.

4. Now look through the sight and without moving the rifle rotate the scope until the vertical cross hair aligns with the plumb line - All screws should now be tightened.


To Zero the Rifle

1. Set up a large paper target, with a safe and suitable backstop at around 12 yards.

2. Mark  a simple cross on the target and from about 12 yards, fire a test shot.

3. If the pellet is close to the " mark " then note it's position.

4. If the shot was lower than 5 inches then you will probably run out of adjustment on the elevation turret and it will be necessary to pack up the back of the scope*

5. Using the turrets on the scope, adjust until the center of the crosshair and the pellet coincide.

6. Repeat stages 1-4 at your chosen zeroing distance.

* It is quite common when sighting in an airgun to need to tilt the scope forward by shimming the rear mount by up to .3mm.  A good material to use for this purpose is 35mm film negative or lead tape to weight golf clubs.  Simply cut the shim to the same size as the mount and place it between the scope and the rearmost mount.








    Wolverine 303      
Overall Length:   112 cm (44 ins)      
Barrel Length:   60 cm (23 ins)        
Cylinder Capacity   300 cc        
Weight (unscoped):   4.2 kg (9.5 lbs)        
Available Calibres:   0.303 inch (7.62 mm)      
Loading:   Bolt action - ambidextrous      
Magazine:   5 Shot        
Fill Pressure:   Up to 250 BAR        
Power / Shots Per Charge: 0.303   12 -15 shots @ 100 ft/lbs        
Power / Shots Per Charge: 0.22   N/A      
Trigger:   Mechanical - 2 Stage        
Safety:   Bolt open safety, mechanical safety switch        
Stock:   Turkish Walnut      
Comes With:   Sling swivels installed, 5-Shot Rotary Mag  


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